Published: July 9, 2019

technology of making tcmNew technology is continually emerging. For an industry that relies heavily on technology for both testing and manufacturing, as ours does, these new options frequently give our company better ways to serve our customers. However, introducing new technology into our manufacturing operations is neither a simple nor inexpensive proposition. For this reason, KP carefully selects each of the tools we ultimately adopt and rely on, in much the same way we select our raw herbs. KPC continually ensures we have the best and most appropriate tools at our disposal for one fundamental reason; it allows us to deliver the safest, highest-quality and most effective herbal products to our customers, which can help enhance their wellbeing.

When does KPC buy new technology?

Newer technology is always becoming available, but why buy new technology if it does not deliver measurable benefits to our business and customers? KPC evaluates new technology in several critical ways to determine if it makes sense to integrate new tools into our manufacturing processes. One determinant of whether we will adopt a new technology is when it shows a tangible benefit to helping the end users of our products.

KP, KPC and BT participate in several national and international organizations which help us stay current with all new regulatory standards, so that we can remain in compliance with inspection boards worldwide. More importantly, it helps us stay up to date on that latest scientific discoveries and what we need to look out for to provide consumers with the safest products possible.

For example, the original testing requirement for aristolochic acid (AA) was 10 parts per million or below. At that time, our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machines were able to detect the presence of this substance down to this trace amount. However, as increasing amounts of evidence came out pointing to the potentially carcinogenic effects of this naturally occurring phytochemical, we knew that more needed to be done in order to ensure none of our raw materials were contaminated with any plant material containing AA. This led us to begin looking for more advanced testing equipment to adequately detect the presence of AA down to even smaller concentrations, beyond the capacity of our existing HPLC technology.

We invested in new Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) systems, which are able to provide far greater detection sensitivity and allow us to identify individual components in our raw materials with very high molecular specificity. LCMS technology enabled us to comply with a more stringent standard imposed by international governments that require any presence of AA to be below 10 parts per billion. For us, evaluating, adopting and integrating new technologies is not just about satisfying changes in product inspection specifications. Our main driving force is the safety and peace of mind of our customers, and the wellness of everyone who consumes our products.

Our core values of integrity, honesty and transparency spur us on to ensure that all our products meet the exacting standards of numerous international regulatory organizations. KPC Herbs’ global presence and continued participation these certification programs help us underscore the fact that KPC products meet or exceed the highest standards for quality in the herbal pharmaceuticals industry. Our emphasis on satisfying the requirements of so many inspection bodies helps make KPC a widely-recognized leader in the TCM industry worldwide. Customers who buy KPC products can do so with the highest confidence that the products they receive will contain only the effective and safe ingredients they expect.

KPC Consistently Looks for New Ways To Improve its Offerings Through Technology

One of the primary ways KP can ensure we are consistently producing safe and effective products is to stay abreast of the latest changes and innovation on the technological front. To achieve this goal, KP frequently participates in equipment exhibitions where we can discover and learn more about new pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment that could benefit our product line and consumers. We also maintain strong partnerships with all our vendors who come to us, introducing new equipment as it is made publicly available.

Our vendors assist us with our internal training efforts, ensuring all our technicians are fully versed on our existing equipment. Additionally, all of our manufacturing teams also participate in these training sessions, which focus on the benefits and drawbacks of older and newer models of equipment, so that we can evaluate which will better serve our business needs. Technology is an integral part of our manufacturing operations and is a constant focus of our business at all levels.

Staying Current on New Methodologies Is Another Major Priority at KPC

At KPC, we don’t simply stay up-to-date with technology; we also carefully follow all of the latest trends in methodology that help us use our technology to the fullest advantage. For example, KPC collaborates with top-tier TCM schools and partners with professors and Ph.D. students in the field who help us research the newest and latest testing methodologies. Being an organization that is continually learning is a core part of our value system and a daily practice for us, especially when it comes to testing and technology. These two primary aspects of our business are what help us guarantee that we always deliver effective products that our customers can trust.

KPC Herbs — ensuring quality at every stage

Customer satisfaction drives everything we do here at KPC. All our initiatives — from our selection of growing partners and herbs to our rigorous testing protocols and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment — serve a single, primary goal; we want to produce products that improve the health and wellbeing of customers, now and throughout their lives. Fulfilling this mission has been the goal of our company for five generations, and it is one that we must continually work to achieve. We hope you use and enjoy the wide array of KPC products and that they are a beneficial part of your daily life. As always, we wish you the best of health!

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