Published: July 23, 2019

oem manufacturing partnerPractitioners seeking to develop their brand and better serve their clients have many choices when selecting an OEM partner for their practice. Such a decision should be well considered. The value of your brand and the health of your clients can be significantly impacted by the selection you make. KPC Herbs wants to help make your OEM partner vetting process easier and give you complete faith in the products you prescribe. Several factors distinguish a reliable OEM manufacturer from one that will only introduce risk. Below you will find many factors to evaluate as you explore this crucial pathway for delivering greater value to your patients. Discover why KPC Product, Inc. should be your choice for an OEM manufacturing partner.

KPC Herbs — a history of tradition and quality

KPC is recognized as an industry leader in Chinese herbal supplements. We are experts in the manufacturing of traditional Chinese herbs and formulas and our knowledge of the craft comes from making these products for our customers for over five generations. KP oversees all aspects of our supplement production. While we do not grow raw herbs, we personally visit and inspect our raw herb suppliers; we directly control all subsequent aspects of manufacturing, through delivery to our distributors.

We make our supplements in the traditional way, decocting formulas according to their specific recipes rather than blending pre-made granules into a final product. Our goal is to prepare supplements for you the same way we would for ourselves — with total efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of quality and integrity at every stage. While we could choose to take an easier (and cheaper) manufacturing route, we have decided not to. Providing our customers with the highest quality and most effective product is always our primary goal.

At KPC Herbs, our customers are part of our family As a fifth-generation business, family means a great deal to us, and it has shaped every aspect of our business, including how we view our customers. We treat our customers as part of our family and legacy. We don’t merely want to make a sale; we want to create a customer for life, and we hope that our products become an integral part of each consumer’s daily wellness routine. We take many steps, at every level of our business, to ensure this outcome.

First, we choose our business partners extremely carefully, selecting only the most ethical, quality-oriented and consistent raw herb providers and distributors. While we must remain solvent to continue to service our customers, profit doesn’t motivate us as much as our customer’s wellness, and we only choose business partners whose values closely mirror our own. Second, as we will discuss below, we have optimized every aspect of our business to provide our customers with the highest quality herbal supplements.

High-quality herbal supplements include two key ingredients — state-of-the-art facilities and world-class testing protocols

KPC Herbs has built a business that embodies and supports its values. Our manufacturing processes are certified to produce pharmaceutical-grade products by the most stringent testing authorities in the world, including TGA and PIC/S GMP. In addition, our in-house production facilities meet ISO 9001, 17025 and 22000 standards, which govern manufacturing consistency, laboratory standards and product safety, respectively. Our infrastructure is audited each year to ensure we continue to comply with these internationally-recognized testing requirements and stay at the forefront in implementing these methodologies.

These manufacturing choices directly translate into benefits for our customers. As a result of our production decisions, we can provide our customers with CoA’s (Certificates of Authenticity) for every batch of herbs we process, virtually on demand, which gives our distributors, practitioners and consumers the peace of mind they deserve. Every KPC Herbs product is subject to the same stringent production and testing methods, so we are as comfortable taking our own herbal supplements as we are selling them to consumers.

We’re so confident in our manufacturing facilities that we invite you to see them for yourself. Call us today to schedule your personal tour and see how our products are manufactured first-hand. We enjoy sharing our facilities with our customers as much as we do our products.

How Our Family Values and Focus on Quality Shape Our OEM Partnerships

Our values also extend to how we do business. KPC Herbs is completely transparent with our OEM partners throughout the business lifecycle, from quoting prices and timelines to the manufacturing and testing standards we’ve adopted, all of which impact the final product you receive. KPC Herbs has adopted an all-inclusive pricing model — which includes the price of manufactured goods as well as shipping — to make the buying process as simple as possible for our partners. We want to make our business relationship as simple and straightforward as possible, so you can focus on your own customers.

Expect the Finest Herbs and a Model That Supports Your Business With KPC

KPC’s goal is to bring the benefits of Chinese herbs to as many individuals as possible. We believe that improving one’s health and wellbeing is a right that everyone should enjoy. That’s why KPC Herbs takes so many far-reaching measures to ensure the quality and safety of its products and so carefully chooses its distributors. We also want to make the OEM process as seamless as possible for our partners to support you fully in our shared mission of improving the lives of men and women around the world.

KPC’s commitment to its OEM partners ties back to ingrained values, which span generations. Much more is at stake than a formula or a business partnership; we share a deeper bond. These are the same tenets held by our founder and part of what sets KPC Herbs apart from other Chinese herbs suppliers. We look forward to learning more about your practice and helping you better serve those in your care. We also hope that you continue to use our products in the best of health!

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