At KPC Products, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality herbs to our distributors, practitioners, and their patients. We recognize our success can be attributed to a unique combination of stringent manufacturing, processing and quality control practices, industry expertise and a strong respect for the family values that have helped our company grow. When your herbs come from KPC Products, you can rest assured that they have been assessed and reassessed for quality, safety and efficacy, because we have your best interests at heart.

Our Core Values


We measure our success by our impact on our community. TCM is rich in history, and we are grateful to be an addition to this more significant story. As we continue to strengthen our company and build for the future, we strive to raise the bar for the TCM industry that results in superior products and services for our distributors and their patients. We run our company based on these three guiding principles:


As an herbal supplements manufacturer, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the products we provide are the safest and highest quality. We never take any short cuts between sourcing to distributing our herbs and formulas. From cutting-edge technology to assess the quality of our raw materials to a manufacturing process that involves multiple checks and balances, we choose to invest in our products to enhance the health and lives of those who use them.


We don’t hide behind our manufacturing processes. Our many international certifications- TGA, NSF, HACCP, are kept up to date and are a testament to the fact that we maintain a watchful eye over the ingredients we process, from raw material to finished product. Because we adhere to many steps to ensure quality, safety and efficacy, we want those interested in purchasing our products to know every piece of the puzzle that is completed before products arrive at our distributors. Peace of mind is priceless for our consumers and for us.


At KPC, we stand behind our name and the goods we distribute across the globe. We believe in being open and honest with our employees, our distributors and our consumers. From the testing of our raw materials, as well as testing for semi-finished and finished products of every batch we produce, you will know how the ingredients made it into your products.

Our Identity

TCM as a whole has a long history of passing traditions down from generation to generation. The KPC family has continued to pass down our traditions down while extending our family values to you. KPC invites you to learn more about the wisdom of five generations and how we have applied it to our products and practices. We appreciate your loyalty, and in return, we are committed to always providing only the safest, most effective products available today.

As we continue to balance our traditional expertise with our drive to discover innovation, we are eager to expand our 19th-century dream to a 21st-century global business. If you would like to learn more about our products or services, contact our team in Southern California today at (949) 398-8158.


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