Crane Herb Company

Crane Herb Company

The Crane Herb Company has been in business for over 30 years and has been a KPC Herbs partner for over 15 years. Crane Herb is dedicated “to empowering Chinese herb practitioners in their lives as healers.” To achieve this goal, the distributor offers only the finest quality herbs and prescriptions along with a complete array of medical supplies and resources to support TCM practitioners and acupuncturists nationwide.

Crane Herb is a unique distributor in that it is also a pioneer in the custom pharmacy industry. Its pharmacies allow practitioners to order custom prescriptions. These orders can be conveniently submitted to the company via its online portal. Once a prescription has been fulfilled, practitioners can reorder each allotment or have it shipped directly to your patients, reducing your overhead costs and ensuring speedy delivery to your patients.

Crane Herb ensures that all of its source herbs fully comply with FDA cGMP (Current Goods Manufacturing Practice) standards, and it also complies with all HIPAA, National Security Agency and compounded-herbs labeling guidelines. In addition, the company also supports practitioners by providing them with an online symptom search database, a formula library, side-by-side product comparisons and resources and forums that help keep practitioners well-informed about news within their professional community.

Customers can order herbs by telephone and also use the distributor’s 24-hour voicemail service to place orders. Customers can pick-up their herbs in person or have them shipped. For more information about Crane Herb, or to place your order, you can visit the distributor at www.craneherb.com or email them at info@craneherb.com.

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