Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the world’s oldest, continually practiced forms of medicine. Its written history stretches back several thousand years, and its practice is likely much older than that. The use of herbal supplements is a primary treatment method within TCM. Specific herbs are believed to help nourish, restore and balance the body, encouraging wellness from the inside out.

Matching the appropriate type of Chinese herbal preparation to the patient and their health concerns is one of the most important aspects of good TCM practice. KPC’s herbal remedies are available in many different forms, allowing practitioners to practice with greater flexibility and success. Our tablet line is the result of our most advanced manufacturing techniques.

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What Are Tablets?

Those who are less experienced with TCM may assume that decoction is the only way of preparing Chinese herbs, yet this is far from true. Decoction is the process of boiling raw herbs in water to create a tea that is then consumed. These preparations can be time-consuming to make and unpleasant to drink. Patients who are not comfortable decocting their own herbs may choose from many other formats.

Granules are a common alternative to raw herbs. Granulated herbs are decocted in our manufacturing facility, then processed into a fine, powdery texture that dissolves in water for easy preparation and consumption. For consumers seeking an even more convenient option, we offer tablets. Our tablets are created by compressing granules without using fillers or adding unnecessary ingredients to bind them.

How Are Tablets Manufactured?

Chinese herbs are rarely prescribed individually. More often, they are used in formulas in which multiple herbs are combined. Blending herbs helps to enhance each individual herb’s effectiveness, address several concerns at once and counter potential side effects. KPC’s herbal products are manufactured with respect for the traditional way of decocting raw herbs together, rather than combining single herb granules into a formula after they are made.

Our tablets begin as loose granules. After our raw materials are sourced, authenticated and extracted, the decocted liquid flows from our rotary extractor into a concentration system. The liquid slowly evaporates until the optimal herb-to-solute ratio is reached. The concentrated paste is then sprayed onto minute particles of a base material to create free-flowing extract granules.

Once the granules are finished, they are transferred to a machine that presses them into tablet shape. Some manufacturers mix sugar, dextrin or other additives into their tablets to make the granules sticky so they bind more easily together. Because we employ a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, KPC tablets contain only granules. We also do not use a coating of any kind. Our tablets are pure, high-quality granules — nothing else.

What Are the Advantages of Tablets?

Tablets share many similarities with capsules. Because they require no preparation and are easy to take, they tend to have a higher compliance level than granules or decoctions. Individuals who are accustomed to Western medicine may find the tablet form more approachable because it looks like the medicines and vitamins they’re familiar with. Tablets are also more palatable than formats with a stronger taste and smell. Furthermore, tablets are convenient to travel with and provide consistent dosage levels.

Tablets are preferred over capsules in certain cases, depending on the patient’s condition and personal habits. Some people prefer not to take encapsulated herbs because of the extra material, which makes them slower and more difficult to digest. However, with certain herbs, the slower release is advantageous.

What Are the Drawbacks of Tablets?

Many Chinese herbs have a distinctive natural flavor and odor. With raw herb decoctions and granules, the herbs are directly tasted and smelled, and are often off-putting. Capsules solve this issue by sealing the herbs inside a veggie capsule shell. Tablets are a moderate option; although they do minimize the taste and smell of the herbs, they do not do it as effectively as capsules.

Tablets are also available in fewer formulas than granules or capsules, are more delicate than capsules, and may be difficult for some patients to swallow.

How Are Tablets Taken?

KPC’s tablets are taken with water, like any other supplements in this format. Pay close attention to your practitioner’s guidelines regarding dosage, frequency and timing. Your practitioner will monitor your progress to determine whether to continue the current prescription, adjust it or discontinue treatment.

In TCM, herbs are usually prescribed three times per day. Some people struggle to fit the afternoon dose into their busy schedule and prefer to increase their morning or evening dose instead. If approved by your practitioner, you may be able to take three tablets in the morning and three at night, instead of two tablets three times per day.


How Long Do Tablets Last?

Each of our tablets contains 750mg of herbs and each bottle contains 120 tablets. A typical dose is two tablets, which equals 1.5 grams of granulated herbs. A bottle contains approximately a 20-day supply, or two to three weeks, depending on the dosage a patient’s practitioner recommends. Once the bottle is opened, please try to use the tablets within three months for maximum freshness. Our experienced in-house herbalists are available to answer any questions about prescribing, dosing and consuming our tablet formulas.

How Many Products Are in KPC’s Tablets Line?

The KPC tablet line includes 50 of our most popular formulas, dosed precisely and pressed for easy swallowing. We do not offer all of our formulas this way because some work best as custom blends created by a practitioner.

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KPC: The Finest Chinese Herbs in Any Format

Each method of administering Chinese herbs has its benefits and drawbacks. By offering a variety of format options, KPC ensures practitioners can choose not only the most appropriate formulas for their patients, but also the most efficient ways to administer the herbs. No matter which format you choose, you can have full confidence that you are receiving the highest quality herbs from KPC. If you have questions about our tablets or any other product formats, please get in touch with the KPC team today. We wish you the best of health!

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