Published: July 28, 2023

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) takes a holistic approach instead of focusing on a specific bodily complaint. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health and lifestyle, encompassing detailed inquiries about sleep patterns, digestion, and stress levels to gain insights into overall well-being. This evaluation aids in guiding treatment and achieving improved and enduring outcomes for the patient, including when someone simply needs a daily boost to maintain energy and motivation.

One notable benefit TCM offers, especially with herbal formulas, is adaptability in addressing various health issues to enhance daily functioning. Whether it involves alleviating pain, promoting better sleep, enhancing digestion, boosting energy levels, improving libido, relieving muscle tension, or managing stress and emotional burdens, Chinese herbal medicine offers versatile solutions. 

With the modern stressors from work and the environment, physical and mental health might feel lower than normal. Lacking energy and motivation for day-to-day tasks can leave people feeling overwhelmed and more stressed over time. However, several commonly utilized Chinese herbal formulas can give you an added boost in your day. 

Herbal Formulas For A Daily Boost

Herbal formulas have been used throughout history to help people heal and better their health, especially within TCM. The formulas listed below have a long history within TCM communities for improving health and providing a daily boost. 

Yin Qiao San

The herbal formula Yin Qiao San dates back to the 17th century and works well for helping upper respiratory issues, aiding in cold and flu relief. Though these sicknesses don’t last long, they can derail work progress and deplete energy. They are also incredibly common. People often get two to four colds a year, and symptoms may last a week or more. A defense against frequent sickness can help your body remain healthy for longer, improving energy, productivity, and overall health. 

Gui Pi Tang

The formula Gui Pi Tang is versatile and often used to help qi in the spleen. Gui Pi Tang contains ginseng, or ren shen, which helps the body adapt to stress. Aiding the spleen better balances the body, improving sleep and energy levels while promoting a calm mind. 

Zuo Gui Wan

Zuo Gui Wan holds significant importance as an herbal formula renowned for its powerful impact on the kidneys. Its primary ingredient, shu di huang (rehmannia), is crucial in nourishing kidney yin and jing (essence) while replenishing the marrow. This blend addresses various conditions linked to kidney imbalances, including mental fatigue, confusion, disorientation, soreness, and weakness in the back. Additionally, it is beneficial for individuals with a weak constitution.

Suan Zao Ren Tang

Suan Zao Ren Tang is a potent formula designed to address insomnia and sleep-related problems, particularly those related to anxiety. It serves as a well-regarded and valuable aid for daily needs, effectively enhancing sleep quality and alleviating anxiety.

Suan Zao Ren Tang nourishes the heart, which is considered the residence of the mind. By calming and nourishing the heart, the formula helps to quiet the mind, enabling individuals to experience undisturbed sleep.

Xiao Yao San

Xiao Yao San is a renowned formula frequently employed to address various health issues, including digestive problems, irritability, sleep disturbances, fluctuating energy levels, and mood swings—particularly those exacerbated by stress.

TCM has a significant connection between the gut and emotions, making this formula even more useful. It helps stress, depression, and PTSD by fostering proper digestive function and leveraging the gut-emotion connection.

Full Formula Benefits

While the herbal formulas listed above can provide a daily boost helping with sleep, energy, and other areas, proper manufacturing during the creation stage is essential. Quality herbal formulas depend significantly on the manufacturing process and the ingredients. Full benefits are only possible when formulas are created with the best ingredients and sustainably sourced. Poorly crafted herbal formulas could cause unforeseen side effects if they incorporate unlisted ingredients.

At KPC, herbal formulas are created using only the finest raw materials, meticulously selected to meet our highest standards. Before production, these materials undergo a rigorous examination by our in-house expert technicians, employing state-of-the-art processes and precision instruments. This commitment to quality ensures that our herbal products maintain the utmost excellence and reliability.

When using herbal formulas to improve health or simply achieve a daily boost, you should receive a proper diagnosis from a practitioner before treatment. KPC herbal formulas are available through a practitioner, promoting proper usage and full benefits. Learn more about our process and the formulas available through our website


*Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This article is not intended to suggest specific treatments for patients or that any supplements mentioned prevent or cure diseases or problems. Before taking any herbs, all patients should discuss their options with a licensed practitioner, including any other medications the patient is currently taking, as there may be contraindications between pharmaceuticals and herbs.

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