Published: July 21, 2020

processing tcmsKPC Herbs has always strived to strike a balance between tradition and innovation. Our herbal supplements represent centuries of knowledge from TCM masters and five generations of wisdom from our own family. Alongside our respect for time-honored practices, we maintain a continuous search for new and better ways to serve our customers. From instituting new business practices to introducing state-of-the-art technology into our manufacturing operations, we never stop looking for ways to accomplish our mission: producing the world’s safest, highest-quality and most effective Chinese herbal products.

Now, at a time when it feels as though the world is changing around us on a daily basis, we are committed to upholding that same balance between heritage and evolution. We are maintaining the high standards and superior manufacturing processes we always have while adapting to support our practitioners and community and meet the needs of this moment. When you order from KPC, you can feel confident that:

Your Herbs Come From Safe, Ethical Sources

Our commitment to quality starts from the very first step. Our manufacturing facility in Taiwan, KP, only works with farmers who employ sustainable growing and harvesting practices. These methods produce better herbs while having a positive impact on the environment. KP also never trades in or works with endangered species. Using our products will not put vulnerable herb populations or wildlife at risk. Learn more about our ethical sourcing in traditional Chinese medicine.

Your Herbs Are Authentic

Growing interest in TCM worldwide has put pressure on farmers and manufacturers to meet the heightened demand for herbal products. Some have adopted dishonest or harmful practices to promote better yields or increase sales. KP takes many steps to ensure the safety of our herbal products, including species authentication. Our multi-step authentication process aims to prevent the use of incorrect herbs, whether by mistaken identification or the intentional substitution of an imitation product. Consumers can trust that this system guarantees the authenticity and safety of KPC’s herbs.

Your Herbs Have Been Rigorously Tested

Now, as always, we adhere to strict testing standards to ensure our products are unmatched in quality and safety. In addition to species identification, we subject all raw herbs to a thorough contaminant screening process. Contaminants compromise the effectiveness of herbal products and pose serious harm to those who use them. KP’s quality control teams analyze herbs for chemical pesticides, sulfur dioxide, aflatoxins, heavy metals, aristolochic acid, carcinogens, and preservatives. Raw herb material will only be sent to our facility in Taiwan for further processing if it passes inspections for identity, quality, and safety.

Your Herbs Contain Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

The health and safety of consumers is our top concern. All ingredients in our formulas are disclosed clearly, including those used to make the capsule for products in that format. We use non-GMP potato starch instead of dextrin (sugar) or cornstarch. Our capsules contain no animal material, and no KPC products contain added gluten (although some contain naturally occurring gluten). Many of our herbal supplements comply with Kosher and Halal dietary requirements. Products that comply with the USDA National Organic Program’s certified organic guidelines are available via special order.

Your Herbs Underwent the Industry’s Leading Manufacturing Process

Our cutting-edge manufacturing processes are as safe and thorough as they’ve always been. Raw herb ingredients that successfully pass the testing phase are exported from China to our manufacturing headquarters in Taiwan. KP manages all stages of the production process while strictly adhering to cGMP practices. These protocols guide the design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing facilities to ensure they consistently meet or exceed strict quality and safety standards. KP also complies with Australia’s TGA and PIC/S pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

Your Herbs Were Processed in a Facility With Numerous Certifications

We work tirelessly to maintain compliance with internationally-recognized certification programs and voluntarily subject our manufacturing operations to regular independent third-party inspections. KP complies with various ISO protocols, including:

  • ISO 17025: regulates laboratory techniques and procedures to ensure accurate and precise measurements can be obtained for analysis
  • ISO 9001: standardizes manufacturing operations to ensure efficiency and reproducible quality
  • ISO 22000 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): regulates food safety to reduce the risk of contamination from biological, chemical, and physical hazards

Our customers deserve products they can trust, especially in a time of so much uncertainty.

Your Peace of Mind Is KPC’s Priority

Quality and safety are important no matter what you purchase. When it’s a product you consume, and when a global crisis makes health an even more valuable asset than usual, those factors are essential. KPC Herbs recognizes the necessity of maintaining stringent processing and quality control practices so we can provide the finest herbs to our distributors, practitioners, and their patients. We remain loyal to our values in good times and in challenging times and thank you for continuing to trust us as your provider. If you would like to learn more about our products or services, we invite you to contact our team in Southern California today at 949-398-8158.


*Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This article is not intended to suggest specific treatments for patients or that any supplements mentioned prevent or cure diseases or problems. Before taking any herbs, all patients should discuss their options with a licensed practitioner, including any other medications the patient is currently taking, as there may be contraindications between pharmaceuticals and herbs.


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