Published: May 31, 2018

kpc family values

Here at KPC Products, we recognize our success has been attributed to a unique combination of stringent practices, industry expertise, and respect for family values.

Our story traces back five generations to when our ancestor, Tsai Liang Hai, sailed across the strait from Fujian province to a small village in Taiwan. Prior to his arrival in 1892, he had spent over twenty years selecting herbs and mastering the art of herbal remedy.

Tsai treated the village people’s various ailments and shared his deep knowledge of cultivating fine herbs as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His generous spirit and hard work earned him respect from the town, where he unknowingly planted the seed to our legacy as a family.

Though we have grown tremendously since our humble beginnings, KPC remains consistent in its mission that Tsai instilled: provide only the highest quality herbs.

kpc herbsFrom Family Shop to Industry Leader

Following Tsai’s methodology, KPC adheres to the strictest guidelines and quality assurance programs. Our family values are ingrained in our business, where we currently produce nearly 1,000 products. We never cut corners; ingredients and finished products that do not meet our standards never leave our facilities.

Our primary North American-based distribution center in Southern California is just one of many facilities we have built around the world. We are proud to provide only the safest herbal products to acupuncturists, practitioners, and TCM distributors globally.

At KPC, we measure our success by our impact in our community. TCM is enriched with history and we are grateful to be an additive to this big story. As we continue to strengthen our company and build for the future, our relentless effort will raise the bar for the TCM industry and result in superiority in our products and services.

Our Identity

Working as a part of a family business presents challenges along with its rewards. The reason it has worked for all these years is that we know who we are as well as who we are not. The KPC team capitalizes on its strengths and is transparent with areas that can be further developed. We have healthy ambitions, the usual doubts and insecurities, and everything else that keeps us human.

As we balance traditional expertise with the push for innovation, we are eager to expand our 19th century dream to a 21st century global business. Contact our team in Southern California to learn more about our products and services.

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