Published: April 14, 2020

At KPC, our mission is to advance the practice of traditional Chinese medicine by providing the highest quality Chinese herbs and sharing our family’s five generations of wisdom with TCM practitioners worldwide. We strive to raise the bar for the TCM industry by being an active contributor to our community and investing in its future.

If you’re a TCM student, soon-to-be graduate or practicing physician, we invite you to join our team as a tradeshow or conference representative. This part-time position is an excellent opportunity for you to advance your career by gaining first-hand experience with one of the largest and most well-respected manufacturers of herbal products in the world.

KPC recognizes the tremendous amount of dedication and effort that goes into becoming a traditional Chinese medicine professional. Our representatives have a unique opportunity to supplement their learning in the classroom with real-world education and training. As a member of our team, you will have unparalleled access to our staff as well as our network of industry leaders. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, learn how to enhance your practice and grow your professional network while getting an exclusive look inside one of the most influential companies in the herbal medicine space.

Ready to gain hands-on experience while supporting the advancement of TCM globally? Join our team as a consultant, accompany us at conferences, get paid to travel. Connect with us today at 949-398-8158 to get started.

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